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Oh no! Broken Tooth!

Oh no! Broken Tooth!

Ok, so you somehow broke your tooth. It may hurt, but don’t let panic overwhelm you – your dental team can get you looking good and on the path to cosmetic and healthy recovery in short order.


Several points:

1) Call the dentist ASAP; depending on the situation, some things are best handled within the first hour after the incident, such as a tooth being knocked out entirely.

2) Try to save the broken piece of tooth or the knocked-out tooth. This can be a very useful tool for creating what you had before the injury.

3) If possible, get a cell phone picture of the injury to the dentist before the appointment. This helps us prepare for the type of appointment upcoming, and is a valuable piece of documentation for your medical record. Above is a recent injury we treated same day – the patient left with an esthetic temporary crown which will serve him well until treatment is completed in a few weeks.

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