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Cosmetic Dentistry

Comprehensive Treatment for Teens and Adults

Varinos Dental Associates now offers Lumineers porcelain veneers! This innovative porcelain technology by Cerinate® provides veneers that are lens-thin and translucent. They are also the only porcelain proven in an on-going study to last over 20 years. Varinos dental Associates will offer a lifetime warranty on the Lumineers placed. If your Lumineers break for whatever reason we will redo them at no cost to you for the rest of your life!


With our LUMIsmile digital imaging technology, you can see for yourself what your completed Lumineers smile could actually look like. During your consultation, we will take a picture of your teeth. While you are still in the chair, the photo is downloaded and digitally enhanced to show you the beautiful results you can achieve with Lumineers.

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Why Get Lumineers?

With Lumineers, you can:

  • Fix spaces and chips
  • Lengthen short teeth
  • Reshape awkward teeth
  • Mask tetracycline stains
  • Whiten permanently

Lumineers are provided with a revolutionary procedure – without shots, and without drilling of health tooth structure! You can have a younger, beautiful, natural-looking smile in only two easy dental visits!

Why Get Veneers

Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are made of strong and durable dental ceramic and are extremely thin. They have a very smooth translucent surface that provides a very natural appearance. They are more resistant to staining than composite veneers but may require more visits to complete. A small amount of enamel is removed from the front and sides of the tooth. The thin layer of veneer is placed over this tooth structure, without making the restored tooth look bulky or unnatural. The veneer is then permanently bonded to the tooth with dental cement.

Composite Resin

A composite resin is generally done in one appointment. They are generally not as strong or wear-resistant as ceramic, but should they fracture, composite veneers are easily and quickly repaired. With a composite veneer, once the tooth is prepared, the composite material is bonded and sculpted to match your other teeth. A special light is used to harden the composite and the veneer is smoothed and polished to look like a natural tooth.

A veneer is a thin covering that is placed over only the front part of the tooth and correct a variety of problems such as:

  • tooth discoloration
  • slightly crooked or poorly shaped front teeth
  • correcting teeth that are chipped or worn
  • uneven spaces or a slight gap in front teeth.

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