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Cosmetic Braces

Cosmetic Braces for All Ages!

Why not improve the appearance of your smile without having to deal with the look of obtrusive metallic braces? You can do so by choosing cosmetic braces offered here at Varinos Dental Associates. The difference between cosmetic braces and regular metal braces are that cosmetic brace’s brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic in order to blend in with your teeth.

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How Do They Work?

These braces are made of materials that are more brittle and weaker than metal braces, thus they are slightly bigger. Similar to regular braces, cosmetic braces are not removable and patients should expect to deal with a similar process with their orthodontic treatment. This involves:


  • Being careful with what you’re consuming (there’s certain limitations on what you can eat)
  • Caring for your braces
  • Following Retainers and Expanders instructions


Your dentist will run over these points with you during your consultation and treatments! Book a consultation with us now to learn more!


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